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Day 1 Elkhart Park to Seneca Lake | Day 2 Seneca Lake to Upper Titcomb Lakes | Day 3 Exploration Day | Day 4 Summit Day | Days 5 and 6 Hiking Out
Gannett Peak 2000
Days 5 and 6 Hiking Out

Day 5 Packing up and hiking to Seneca Lake
Day 6 Seneca Lake to Elkhart Park Trailhead


On the sunny morning after our summit day, we laid out wet clothes and rope to dry on the rocks by Titcomb Lake. Had to be the world's most beautiful laundromat!

We ate breakfast and prepared for the hike to Seneca lake.

As we approached Seneca Lake from the north, we hoped that our "old" camping site on the west side of the lake, right off the trail, was unoccupied -- and it was!

At the center of the photo below, the bluff sticking out toward the center of the lake is a near-perfect place to spend some time . . . hope you can make it sometime.


Day 6 was an equally beautiful hike from Seneca Lake, through that awesome scenery, and back to the trailhead.

Then it was on to a great hamburger and pizza in Pinedale!

Late June seemed to be an ideal time for a Gannett Peak climb. Although there was still a lot of snow in the Titcomb Lakes and Dinwoody Pass areas, the snow probably made our hiking easier (except for right around the lake).

As usual, we discussed what we'd leave behind if we did it again . . . the answer was "Probably nothing". We packed heavy, but we were sure comfortable and used just about everything we took.

Gannett Peak 2000