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Day 1 Elkhart Park to Seneca Lake | Day 2 Seneca Lake to Upper Titcomb Lakes | Day 3 Exploration Day | Day 4 Summit Day | Days 5 and 6 Hiking Out
Gannett Peak 2000


Wyoming's high point, 13,804 ft. Gannett Peak, is a spectacular sight -- It cannot be easily seen from any road and is normally only visible to those serious enough to hike within view of this challenging climb.

This view is from Dinwoody Pass, looking North toward Gannett Peak.

Dan Puett,  Joel Fernandez, and Jim Willard elected to make the Gannett Peak trip from June 24 - June 30. Dan and Joel had been in the Wind River Range before -- to the Titcomb Lakes basin and the Green River / Squaretop area. They decided to approach Gannett Peak from the south, trekking through the awesome scenery from Elkhart Park trailhead, past several magnificent lakes and into the Titcomb Lakes basin, then over Dinwoody Pass (Bonney Pass) to Gannett Peak.


Jun 24 Elkhart Park trailhead to Seneca Lake
Jun 25 Seneca Lake to Upper Titcomb Lakes
Jun 26 Explore Dinwoody Pass and Mistake Lake
Jun 27 Summit Gannett Peak via Dinwoody Pass
. . . . and return to Titcomb Lakes base camp
Jun 28 Upper Titcomb Lakes to Seneca Lake
Jun 29 Seneca Lake to Elkhart Park and Pinedale

Day 1 Elkhart Park to Seneca Lake